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IT'S A HOME FOR YOUR PARROThome-for-parrot

So there is a new member in the family… Great news! Parrots are exceptional pets that offer companionship to adults as well as kids.

Now that you have your special friend picked out, you need a home that is equally impressive to keep them safe and healthy.

For parrots, their home (parrot cage) is their world. It is their safe place, their haven and their playground. Purchasing the perfect parrot cage is the key to a happy and healthy bird.


We not only want to provide safety for your parrots, but we also want to allow them to have the best, fun-filled experience inside the cage! Our parrot cages keep all of this in mind.

Parrots need a challenge. Many parrot owners do not realise that there is a link between your bird’s emotional and physical health. Most of our quality cages come complete with fun play tops for hours of exercise fun.

Our cages are perfect for one parrot or more (depending on the size). Along with open play areas, our cages also come equipped with perches as well as food and water dispensers.


With parrots, generally the bigger the cage, the better. Parrots need to stretch their wings and they need activity and regular stimulation.

Hanging toys in the cage is not enough. Parrots need exercise and our cages deliver a happy, healthy home.

For parrot owners, the perfect cage is a wise investment. Parrots live a long life and they will be great companions to you and your family if they are well taken care of.

A Parrot Insider Tip: When it comes to playtime, hang your parrot’s favourite toys along the outside of the cage instead of the inside so they need to climb out to reach it and then can hang there to play.

Parrots are inquisitive beings and need the physical challenge. They are the happiest when they are physically active and we have the cages that are just right for your feathered friend’s curious personality.

A lot of the cages on the market today are made to catch the owners eye yet the designs fall short from catering to our parrot’s actual requirements. People are different than birds. We need to understand that the things we like aren’t necessarily what they will enjoy or even find challenging.

A successful parrot owner needs to understand their pet. We understand our birds and our cages are specifically designed to keep them happy and healthy. These amazing beings need our love and support for long and healthy lives.

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