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How to Choose the Right Cage for Your Parrot

Choosing a parrot cage is a bit like choosing a home :)

There are many things to consider which would suit your lifestyle and that's no different when choosing a cage for your parrot.

What we are going to discuss is very important information to know. The wrong cage can potentially harm your parrot in many ways – which no one wants to do.

Here are some practical tips in choosing the right cage for your parrot:



As with any product that's on the market today, there are always a lot of options to choose from. You can't afford to be "cheap" when you buy a cage for your parrot. It needs to be strong and sturdy and the quality needs to be exceptional.

If finance is an issue, rather save up until you can afford a good quality cage, otherwise it won't last long and it will lead to a terrible 'lifestyle' for your parrot and a few months later you will need to replace the cage which will cost you much more than investing in a quality cage right at the start.


Health & Safety

It is no secret that your parrot's health and well-being is directly linked to the quality and cleanliness of their cage.

The cage bars should be appropriately sized (your parrot's head should not be able to fit between the bars) to prevent injury and should also house suitable food dishes, water bowls, toys and perches that benefit your parrot's health, all without harming them in any way.



This is where many parrot owners go wrong. Would you like to sleep on a single bed as an adult? The 'same' is true for your parrot.

The cage should be large enough for your parrot to stand comfortably, move freely within it, and spread their wings. It should also be large enough for instinctive activities such as climbing, flying, or playing.

Small cages can lead to biting, screaming and feather plucking.

Generally speaking, if you can get these basics right, it will be a good lifestyle for almost every parrot kind.


Cage Style

Cages come in various styles. Generally speaking, there are 3 styles to choose between: Open Top, Playtop, and Solid top. Here's a brief overview of each:

Open top cages


These cages have tops that can open which often provides an additional resting place for a perch that your parrot can sit on.

Playtop cages


Very similar to open top cages, playtop cages are all about the fun. It usually has some form of 'obstacle course' like ladders and general accessories for your parrot to enjoy.

Solid top cages


These cages are mostly flat or rounded at the top. This style of cage does not open, nor does it have a specific play area attached. This is generally the cheaper option amongst the 3 styles.


The Cage Material

Although it can be tempting to choose a nice wooden or plastic cage, it should be prevented at all costs. Most parrots will chew right through it and then you won't be able to say "hello", but rather "goodbye." :)

There are a few cheaper cages on the market that are powder coated. This is not an issue if your parrot does not bite the bars, but if it does, you should not buy it as the coating is generally very toxic to your parrot with high zinc and lead content. Always make sure with the sellers of the potential dangers and confirm with them beforehand.

Choose a strong, welded cage that is made from the right metal. Also make sure that the latches keeping the cage closed can't be opened by your parrot.



You wouldn't like to live in a dirty home and neither would your parrot like to live in a dirty cage :)

Ideally, you would like to have a cage that's easy to clean and maintain. You want to ensure that the tray pulls out easily, the bars are easy to wipe clean, and that the seed catchers can be removed easily.



  • Invest in a quality cage.
  • Make sure the bars are not too narrow or too wide.
  • Rather be safe and buy bigger cages.
  • Beware of toxic powder coated cages.
  • Choose the right cage style.
  • Treat your parrot with love and respect.


A cage is the biggest investment you will make in your parrot. It will be their home for the entirety of their life, which might be 50 or more years. Make the right decision and invest in the perfect cage.


Find the best cage for your parrot here.